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The uDrink is a simple but ingenious device that uses patent pending technology to empower the end user with the ability to hold and drink a beverage independently. The uDrink is an ideal solution for people with limited or no grip strength due to spinal cord injury, MS, cerebral palsy, stroke, arthritis or other disabilities.

With the added security of a uDrink on their beverage of choice, a person with a disability affecting their hands can have peace of mind. The worry of dropping or spilling their drink due to a weak grip or from poor/inconsistent hand function goes away.

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Super Grip Non-Slip Strap


The uDrink is highly versatile, and can be fit onto bottles, cans, cups & glasses of all different shapes, sizes and materials. The easy to adjust hook and loop strap can be sized in seconds to fit most containers without the need for additional tools.


The key feature of the uDrink is the unique super grip non-slip strap liner. This allows the strap to securely hold irregularly shaped items and containers, as well as containers covered in condensation.

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Stainless Steel Grip Handle


The uDrink not only gives you the ability to hold and drink a beverage independently, but it allows you to do this in a more natural way than through a straw, or with a cumbersome adaptive device such as a tenodesis splint or even with a wheelchair mounted Camelbak drinking system.

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The uDrink handle is constructed of polished stainless steel to ensure that the handle will not rust or bend. The stainless steel material also allows the handle to be bent and adjusted to fit the user's hand comfortably. The slotted strap attachment allows for easier adjustment than cumbersome riveted designs.

To further aid in user comfort, the handle is covered with a cozy rubberized grip.


Every uDrink is proudly built in the USA.

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